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A Boy and His Dog (Dickey Hunt)

John La Farge

American (1835-1910)

A Boy and His Dog (Dickey Hunt), 1868 -1869
Oil on canvas, 40 x 34 inches


Albert Stickney, New York, 1884 (?) – 1908

Mrs. Albert Stickney, New York, 1908-1911

J.G. Butler, Jr., Youngstown, Ohio, 1912(?) – 1923

Edwin C. Shaw, Akron, Ohio, 1923 -1941

Caroline Shaw, Akron, Ohio, 1941-1955

The Estates of James A. & Dorothy C. Vaughn, Sea Island, Georgia, 1955 – 2008


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This work is to be included in forthcoming catalogue raisonne by Henry La Farge, Mary A. La Farge & James Yarnall, cat. no. P1869.4.

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