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The Palace in Rags

James Abbott McNeil Whistler

American (1834-1903)

The Palace in Rags, 1879-80
Chalk and pastel on brown paper, 11 x 6 ½ inches

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The artists’ cousin, Ross Winans, Baltimore, Maryland
Albert Rouillier Art Galleries, Chicago
Purchased from the above by Marshall Field, Chicago, 23 November 1915
Passed to his widow, later Mrs. Diego Suarez
Purchased from the above by Knoedler Galleries, New York, 15 June 1960
Purchased from the above by Norman B. Woolworth, May 1961
Purchased through R. M. Light, California by Agnew, London, 1974
Purchased by a Private Collection, London, 1974-2014


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A note from the catalogue card:

One of only two interior views Whistler created in Venice, The Palace in Rags was selected by the artist for his 1881 exhibition of fifty three Venetian pastels at The Fine Art Society in London. While the exact location of this palazzo interior is unknown, it was also the subject of a painting  about the same time by John Singer Sargent, Whistler’s young acquaintance. There is speculation that this room was used by the artists as an exhibition room given the number of paintings hanging on the wall at the left.

The particular beauty of this romantically evocative work lies in the interplay of the exquisitely subtle suggestions of reflected light that simultaneously denote substance and describe surface.

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